Who Am I?

I am a wife to Adam, Mommy to Charlee and Andee, a daughter, a sister and a friend.  But that's not all.  I'm a precious daughter to the Most High King.  The King of all kings.  He chose me, He called me, He justified me and now He's sanctifying me.  And yet, still, I depend too much on myself because I forget to have faith like a child.  I pray too little.  I don't expect miracles.

I'm a woman of many insecurities.  My marriage isn't perfect.  My children are not perfect.  Dishes get washed, but often don't get put away before they're used again.  Clothes wait a long, long time to get ironed.  Toys have nice little bins to call home, but rarely make it there.  Reflections are not seen in windows, fingerprints are.  Hairs are not perfectly placed.  Dust settles for long periods of time.  Crumbs are commonplace.

I am a beautiful mess.  But by His grace, I am being refined daily.  He is good.  His love endures forever.

In all this messiness, I desire more than anything to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Because it's there. I know it's always there, sometimes I just fail to look for it because I choose busyness thinking that's where I'll find significance and purpose.  So this is my journey to know Him more and to instill His love in my girls.  This is a place for memories to be recorded and, hopefully, for growth to be evidenced.
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