Saturday, November 8, 2014

She wore white

When we hurried to Target that September afternoon to scour the aisles for the perfect Halloween costume (because they were 40% off with Cartwheel and I had a coupon!) I didn't think beyond the satisfaction of knowing that I got an amazing deal on four costumes and could check that off my list.

The costumes were placed in closets and for the most part remained untouched until October 31st when naturally a few adjustments needed to be made to the not-so-designer outfits my children were to wear that evening.  So elastic was sewn in the place of broken velcro on boot bottoms, mermaid tails were pinned to ensure no dragging on the ground and shoes were made to fit a bit more snugly in preparation for walking that just right length of neighborhood to accumulate not too much candy in a few hours.

With three girls I am keenly aware of the fact that if one asks me to curl hair or paint fingernails, it means that I will be curling three heads of hair and painting 30 nails.  It's just a given, so when I give the first "yes" I anticipate giving two more.  After curling Charlee's hair she bounded down the stairs, which meant I would hear either one or two sets of footsteps scurrying up the stairs shortly to say, "Mommy, can you do my hair like Charlee's?"  I was not disappointed when Kate rounded the corner and asked just that.

This is when my Halloween became a moment I will never forget.

With dress ironed and hair curled Kate stood before me and asked one simple question.

"Mommy, can you on this?"  Translated, "Mommy, can you put this veil on my head?"

A veil.

She chose to be a bride for Halloween.  Of all the costumes on the face of this planet (or at least in the aisle at Target) she chose this pretty white dress, with gloves and a veil.

A bride.

I answered her question with a simple, "Sure," and proceeded to place the veil on her head.

In that moment, my heart skipped a beat.

It was a simple request, really, but the magnitude of what it symbolized overwhelmed me.

Standing before me was this girl, this girl who has been calling me Mommy for just six months, completely unaware of just how significant that moment was, even if just for Halloween.  I had to hold back the tears as I carefully placed the veil atop her little head.

She stood before me wearing a gown that represents worthiness, purity, love and commitment.  Though she wasn't going to be walking down an aisle that night, I was awed as I considered the Lord's love.  His love that gives us worth, makes us pure, loves us the greatest and never forsakes us.  Because Kate is our daughter, we can offer her only a glimpse of that love, but she will know love in a way she never would if she were still in that Ukrainian orphanage.  And Lord willing, she will know His love one day.  For now I pray He would use us, however imperfectly, to reveal that love only He can offer.

Behold, I am making all things new.
Revelation 21:5

Then I was reminded that her name, her legal name Katya, means pure.  So, as she stood there in white, I saw her pureness anew.  And I am reminded to pray for the man the man who will take her to be his wife one day, that he would be God fearing and cherish this little girl of ours.  And I pray for the Daddy who will have to give her away.


  1. I cruise RR blogs every once in a while and I remember your story and bringing these beauties home.
    What a lovely update! Katya, what a sweet little girl! And what a sweet mama!

  2. That was a precious story!!! Love the happiness on her darling little face!

  3. Some of the kids in this picture look familiar...


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