Friday, May 30, 2014


May 16, 2014.

Finally, the journey was over.  We made it home.

Waiting patiently.

The welcoming committee

So much excitement

Eager to spot Mommy.


Running to their absentee Mommy.

Father and son reunited on American ground.

My how I missed these two precious girls.

Mom and Dad together in the same city, the way it's supposed to be.

"Here Max."  Andee makes her first attempt to befriend her brother.

Now what?

I think Andee grew up by about three years since I last saw her.

Grandpa meets his oldest grandson.


"Anyone wanna count hryvnia with me right here in the middle of the airport?"

Sisters reunited and now with the same last name.


Finished.  Complete.  What a breath of fresh air to be united/reunited as family.

Of course, the fresh air feeling only lasts so long when you're dressed for much cooler weather and walk out the airport doors and inhale the 105 degree temperature air of Phoenix.  To me though it was a blessing.  The heat has never felt so good.  Our son, however, might have disagreed.  As we walked outside he turns to me and says, "Woah.  HOT.  95?"  And there's a strong probability he was referring to degrees Celsius since that's the system he knows.  If that's the case, he was telling me it felt like 203 degrees Fahrenheit.

To which I replied, "No, son, it's more like 105 and it doesn't stop here."  Thankfully he couldn't understand the latter part of my statement.

And so the adjusting begins...

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  1. I have been avidly following your journey, and I have to say, the photo of Max and Adam at the airport is so wonderful!



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