Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We're going to have to try to like boys...

Since court last week, we have continued our daily visits to the orphanage.  Even now that a judge has declared them our children, Kate and Max will stay at the orphanage until Gotcha Day, the day I walk them out of there forever.  Not much changes from day to day in that one room, but we try to get creative and think of new games to play that encourage connection.  It would be so easy to just let the kids tune out for 3 hours on an iPad or phone, but thankfully they understand the limits on technology and quite honestly they would prefer to engage with us which is a huge blessing.

Bonding at it's best -  Daddy style.

Mom's slightly-less-active style of bonding.


Today is day 5.  The fifth day of the 10 day waiting period after court.  It's hard to believe it's only been that long.  The days are long, and that was before Adam left.  Now the days are longer.  They are good, but they come with new challenges for me now.  I have to be brave and navigate grocery stores alone while being followed by walkie-talkie carrying security, walk alone to and from the apartment down dark, stinky corridors and stairs, and (saddest for the kids) show up alone at the orphanage now that Dad is back in America.  The irony of this time makes me laugh.  I am now a mother to four children, not one of whom I am caring for at this time.  Instead, here I sit in an apartment in a very foreign (like, more foreign than Mexico or Switzerland) wondering what to do with my time.  I think it's reasonable to assume that this is the first, last and only time I will be looking for things to do to pass the time.

In the past couple of days I've explored new territory and I cannot get enough of this weather.  And the trees and tulips...they are in incredible!

Blessed to be here in the Spring.

If I could just take a tree-lined boulevard or two home with me.

Gorgeous daily sunrises.

St. Michael's Cathedral - Orthodox style.
I probably shouldn't have been smiling, but clearly I couldn't
contain my excitement at wearing a head covering and apron.

Before Adam left Ukraine, he had to sign some paperwork at the US Embassy.  His appointment was at 2pm in the afternoon and since most flights home leave early in the morning he got to experience a stay at the Borispyl Airport Hotel.  We were able to Skype with him from the orphanage.

Making Dad laugh with their goofy faces.

Yesterday we took advantage of the wonder of Skype from the orphanage again when we called one of Kate and Max's friends, who was also hosted last summer and then adopted by friends just weeks ago, and is now adjusting to life in America.  The kids (all 3 of them) were elated to talk with one another.  So much so that when the internet connection went out they tried relentlessly to get her back on the call despite my efforts to assure them it wasn't going to happen.  Needless to say they will be finishing that conversation later this afternoon.  Amazing how much they all have to talk if only I knew what all they were discussing!

A good reason to love technology - the connections that happen because of it.


Back on the home front, the girls have been doing well with Grandma and Grandpa.  I have received many photos of smiling happy children.  Each morning I look forward to the pictures from Grandma documenting their day.

The best text I have yet to receive though was this one from Grandma:
Before I forget, last night at dinner Charlee and Andee were talking about how they didn't like boys and Charlee stops and says, "We're going to have to try to like boys now because Max is coming home and he's a boy... he's our brother."
Melt my heart!

Mummifying each other...

...and Grandpa.

3 of my favorite girls.

Best friends.

Even Grandpa gets in on the homework action.


  1. I'm so happy to see these posts each day!!!!

  2. Just wanted to say hi. Our children have been home 2 months and are doing great. The first few weeks home were difficult and good at the same time. My heart goes out to you being separated from your littles and your husband at home. I hope things go smoothly and quickly for you. My words of advice(for after you pick up Max and Kate) are lots of bananas and popcorn! Our's could put away some food! (: When you hit the hard stuff, just remember, it will pass. In our weakness He is strong! Be blessed, vivian


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