Thursday, April 24, 2014

This is Amazing Grace

"This is Amazing Grace".  Have you heard this song?  If you haven't, you need to listen.  The lyrics alone are worth it.  We got to sing this song in church on Easter Sunday, the day before we left to return to Ukraine.  I've always loved this particular verse, but on this day it really resonated with me knowing we were headed back to have court and gain a new son and daughter.

Who brings our chaos back into order
Who makes the orphan a son and daughter
The King of Glory, the King of Glory

There's something about the process of adoption that causes some to think that we are amazing people, that we are somehow more special than the next family, that we have it more together, that we are rich, that God is going to bless us for bringing these kids home, that orphans and adoption is our passion.  It is all simply not true.  We did not one day decide that we had a passion for adoption.  God revealed His passion for adoption many years ago as His Son endured the wrath of His Father on the order to allow for us to be adopted into His family.

Our heart for adoption originates not in the face of hurting children who need families.  It begins with knowing the heart of God.  He has commanded us to love like He loves, to be the hands and feet of Christ, to let our lights shine before men.  It is because of His love for us that we pursue these children.

That's our part...the pursuit.

But who makes the orphan a son and daughter?

It's not us.  It's Jesus.  The King of Glory.

Sure, there is the paperwork, the appointments, the signatures, the notarizations, the apostilles, the petitions.  And yes, we worked hard, but these children are no more ours than our biological children are our own.  They are His.  All four of them.

This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That You would take my place
That You would bear my cross
You lay down Your life
That I would be set free
Oh, Jesus, I sing for
All that You've done for me

I am so thankful that this adoption is not our doing.  Because I would much rather give credit to the One to whom it is due.  The One "whose love is mighty and so much stronger" than any love I could ever think to give.  I am thankful to Him who loves me enough to adopt me, to call me His own.  I am not worthy, but oh am I grateful.

Springtime beauty on the orphanage grounds.


  1. Oh Ashley - I'm so glad your blog is back! I'm in tears of course (at my desk) but I'm so HAPPY for you!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the formalization of the adoption today! I hope the next two weeks fly by quickly for you

  3. Wow that's your heart


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