Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Andee

Andee Noelle

Today we have a four year old.  She wasn't supposed to be four until April 21st.  That was my scheduled c-section date four years ago.  But she came early, and thankfully Sally (my mother-in-law) was there to "encourage" me to call the doctor as I had been experiencing contractions on and off the entire day.  I didn't experience true labor with Charlee so I had no idea they were not Braxton Hicks contractions and kept telling her, "No, I'm fine, really" as I would crouch down periodically unable to walk as the "Braxton Hicks" contractions progressed.

My littlest little.

All that to say, it's no surprise to me at all that Andee arrived early.  She's been shaking my life up ever since.  Charlee's the rule follower.  You ask her to do something and for the most part she just does what you ask.  Andee, well she's not.  She most often does the exact opposite of what she asked to or not to do.  It is a constant game of the mind, trying to be not just one step ahead of her, but at least twenty.  She looks sweet and innocent but let me tell you, she's not innocent.  If it's quiet in our home and she's not at school, that's a problem.  She can be quietly defiant and when she knows she's doing something she shouldn't, she shoots those big brown eyes your way and with the voice of a 15 year old teenage girl says, "What?" as if she couldn't possibly be doing anything wrong.

This face is not innocent.

So, on the one hand there's this feisty little thing who appears quiet and reserved to the unsuspecting outsider.  Yet on the other hand there's this precious, sweet heart inside this four year old.  Andee has a servant's heart like none other.  I think she may have acquired this one from her Grandpa Brockhaus.  This little girl is the first to offer to carry Charlee's backpack, and lunch box, and water...and stuffed kitty to the car each morning before school.  And somehow she manages to methodically calculate exactly how she will carry each item at the same time.  Then, when we arrive at school I hear her voice, "Charlee, do you need me to carry your backpack?"

Sister love.

And groceries.  When we come home from the store she wants to help unload the car and hold the door open for me to come inside and put the groceries away.  She empties dishwashers, fold clothes, cleans messes, chops vegetables, fills water cups.  You name it, she's there with the eager desire to assist.  She always asks for two stickers when we check out at Sprouts because she needs one for her sister, too, and sometimes for her brother and sister on the other side of the world.

That face...again.

She can't sit still for two minutes to watch a movie (except Frozen for which you will find her planted in one spot for nearly 5 minutes, but only for scenes involving Olaf), but she loves to cuddle.  She loves to have her back rubbed.

She loves to have hair braided and will sit for that even though she won't sit for much of anything else.  She loves to ride bikes.  She loves Charlee.  She is not at all the girly girl that Charlee is, but she still loves her princess dresses and high heels even though they absolutely do not match her personality.

Andee Noelle, you have blessed our lives for four years.  Happy Birthday, baby girl!

We love you so much!

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