Monday, March 10, 2014

Goodbye America, Hello Ukraine

Yesterday, or maybe the day before (I can't quite keep track of days anymore), we departed Phoenix dark and early.  Thank you, Dad, for driving us to the airport because surely no one else would have volunteered to get up that early to do so.

We flew from Phoenix to Dulles to Frankfurt to Kyiv.

Highlight of all that travel...Chipotle in Dulles.

Other than the Chipotle our travel was relatively uneventful...just the way we like it.

Goodbye America!
We arrived in Kyiv at 1:15pm today.  All four of our checked bags made it too...huge praise!  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how bags ever successfully make it from one destination to another, let along changing planes multiple times in multiple countries.  So this is a miracle in my opinion.

We exited baggage claim at the airport not sure who would be picking us up to drive us to the apartment where we will be staying for the next few days.  We were looking for a sign perhaps, but then I heard a voice...a voice that I recognized.  I looked over and saw Sergey standing there smiling.  Greetings were shared, he quickly swiped my bags and we followed him to the car.  It was a wonderful feeling to see his friendly familiar face again (he was my driver to and from the airport in January).

We made the 45 minute drive into the city from the airport and were welcomed into the apartment building by another friendly voice.  Our friends Jason and Kim who were part of the same hosting group over the summer are here now as well.  Jason's familiar voice let us into the building.  Familiarity is a great blessing when entering the unknown.

Speaking of blesssings...  A woman whom we've not even met, but only know who she is through Ukrainian adoption circles and her amazing blog and the ministry she's a part of, has opened her home to us.  Blessing upon blessing.

So, here we are with friends from the States staying together in the apartment of this amazing woman we've not even had the opportunity to meet yet.  How these things happen is beyond me, but clearly not beyond our God!


Once settled in the apartment, we ventured out with Jason and Kim.  We hopped on the subway and headed just one stop away to Maidan (Independence Square).

Surreal.  That's the word I would use to sum up the experience of literally stepping into history in the making.  All this time leading up to the trip we've been reading and watching the events unfold in this country as the "revolutionaries" have arisen to fight for their freedom.  At times it has been downright frightening to watch everything that has happened because, selfishly, we feared it would affect our adoption.

But to be here, to stand amongst the revolutionaries, to smell the smoke still emerging from the embers of buildings destroyed, to experience the mood of the people's all sobering.  There are tents set up all around the Square.  These people are living here and they're not leaving until they've accomplished the mission of ensuring their freedom.

Following our brief visit of Independence Square, we settled down to dinner at a pub down the street from our apartment.  After a round of borsch we each enjoyed some good ol' steak and potatoes.  After a long day and a half of traveling, real food tasted real good.

Steak and potatoes...perfect for my Nebraska boy.  He'll get along just fine here.

We found a fun sign and couldn't resist the photo opp.

And some shrink wrapped fish for dessert.  Or not.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the girls are having no shortage of fun as Spring Break ensues...

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  1. Thanks for the update. So glad you made it safe and that the girls at home are doing good too.


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