Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One brother and two sisters

Charlee came home from school today and is usually the case, she doesn't say much about her day right away.  There are other more important things to her when I pick her up than talking about her day.   Like finding out what Andee and I did while she was at school...making sure she didn't miss out on anything.  Like the way she peers over the kitchen counter as she walks into the house inspecting things for any change that might have taken place while she was gone...like more bananas appearing in the fruit basket indicating that we might have purchased something at the grocery store that might interest her.

Anyway, this afternoon as we headed upstairs to get ready for naptime, she casually said, "Mommy, today at school I had to say how many brothers I have and I said, 'One,' because I have Max."

"Oh wow, honey, that's great.  Did you also have to say how many sisters you have?"

"Yes, and I said, 'Two,' because Kate will be here soon too.  Mommy, there are 6 in our family now.  We have lots of people."

"Yes, that's right, sweetheart.  Our family is getting bigger."

...and then I about burst into tears, but thankfully didn't because that might have really confused her.  Charlee is the kind of little girl that doesn't always say much about what she's feeling, but she doesn't miss a thing, takes it all in and then reflects on things in her own time.  Occasionally, there will be glimpses like this indicating that she does think a lot about things, just not in the moments when Adam and I would maybe want her to.  There's a lot going on in that little 6 year old's mind.  And I love when she lets me have a peek into her heart when I'm least expecting it.

She told me she didn't have room to draw her new brother and sister. ;)

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