Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This past weekend we got to spend some time in the mountains with dear friends.  We arrived Friday afternoon eagerly anticipating a forecast of snow for that evening and the following day.  We all checked and re-checked our weather apps and sure enough it was to begin snowing at 7:00pm.  Sadly, that didn't exactly happen, but by the time the adults went to bed there was a slight flurry.

The next morning I felt like a kid all over again when I awoke and couldn't wait to peer out the windows hoping to see a blanket of white on the ground.  And when I did, I had to wake the girls to see it too.  You don't wake sleeping children unless there's a good reason and, for me, snow qualifies as one of those reasons!

Snow is not something our children know what to do with...or how to dress for.  After a bit of protesting by the little people against ski bibs, boots and gloves, we accomplished bundling them up and heading outside.

Bundled and loving it

Next up, sledding.  There wasn't exactly a ton of snow, but when you live in the desert any bit of snow is enough for sledding!
Hold on!
And, of course, you can't be in the snow and not make a snowman...or at least a giant snowball.
Proud of the snowball she rolled all by herself

Andee was less into rolling snowballs and more into just straight up eating the snow.
Chomp chomp
Can't get enough of this stuff
And the adults got time to spend together without the demand of schedules and to-do lists.  So thankful for good friends.
Me and Ali
Mommy and Daddy
Just because there's more time to be goofy when you're up in the mountains

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