Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Christmas tree... lovely are your branches.

Hand-holding is their new "thing" (at least for this week).

Thank you, Daddy, for straightening our star.

Supervisor Charlee

Mission accomplished!

And this year our branches are even lovelier because they are home to two new ornaments.
One for our basketball-loving boy...

...and the other for our special kiska-loving girl.

Originally, Max and Kate would have been here for Christmas this year, but God had other plans and though we are sad we won't get to celebrate Jesus' birthday with them this year, we anticipate with much hope that we will get to celebrate with them next year.  For now, we will include them in our celebrating as much as possible.  I cannot wait to show them their ornaments, personalized just for them, the next time we Skype with them...on Christmas day!

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