Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Milk and horse bites

I don't like horses.  Never have, never will.  Do I think they're beautiful and majestic creatures?  Most definitely.  Do I need to ride one?  Nope.  I can appreciate their majesty from a distance...preferably behind a sturdy, high fence.

Something strange happens when you have children.  You decide that you can conquer some of your fears in an effort to make them believe that you're courageous and that animals are wonderful.  That's the only reason I pet dogs.  It's all for the children.  If I don't pet them they won't pet them, which might actually be my preference, but then I would feel like a bad mom depriving them of a love for animals.

So, on this beautiful fall morning we visited Superstition Farms for a little hayride-milksampling-pettingzoo-fun.  We did it all but I was minus the fun that day.

"Come on girls, let's go feed this horse some carrots.  The man said he's hungry...he's 150 pounds underweight.  So instead of feeding the small innocent goats or baby calf, let's go give him some carrots."  Brilliant.

"All you have to do is hold out a carrot in your hand and let him eat it out of your palm."

"Watch.  Just like this."

"Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh."  Apparently when a horse is 150 pounds underweight that makes him hungry and fingers and carrots are all the same.

So, as the horse has a hold of my finger, I'm doing my best to remain calm.  I want to scream, but I don't want to attract any sort of attention because that would be more scary to me than the actual horse biting me.  Not to mention the fact that if I scream the horse may decide he wants more than just a finger!

Finally, he let go.  All the while, my poor children are standing by watching Mommy as she is trying her best not to cry...didn't work.  I truly thought that was the last of my finger that day, but now almost 3 weeks later I can almost feel it entirely again and shockingly there was no bruising.

All this to say, I'm done being courageous.  It's not worth it.  So now I have an even greater disdain for horses and I'm fairly certain my children will never be equestrians!

Thankfully, the farm offered flavored milk and bunnies for petting.  That's where we spend the rest of our time...away from scary malnourished large animals.

Bunnies...such innocent creatures...so much smaller than us...the way it should be...

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