Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The "F" word

I can't believe we're really doing this.  To be honest, this is the part about the adoption process that I've been dreading the most...truly.


Why does that word alone conjure up so many uncomfortable feelings?  And the terrible thing is that it shouldn't.  A friend of mine has said, "It doesn't take a village to raise a child.  But it does take a village to fund an adoption."

Asking people for help in general is not my strong suit, but I honestly can't think of a time in my life until now that I've asked anyone for money.  The fact that I don't have practice doing this is a blessing to be sure, but it doesn't make this any easier.  I could use some experience and expertise right about now!

But it's a reality.  And it became more real today when our very first fundraiser was launched on Facebook just hours ago.

For her

I will continue to step outside my "box" and fight which means I'm asking for your help.  Won't you please consider bidding on some of the fun (and some random) items in our online auction.

You see her arms up in the air on that carousel?  Did you notice the "V" shape?

"V" is for victory.  Won't you help her gain victory in having a forever family?

She may just be one, but family matters to her...and she matters to us, her family.

This mama just wants to see her dance with freedom in the waves again one day.

Please check out the Sparrow Adoption Auction which will help not just our family, but three other families also pursuing EU adoptions.


  1. What a sweet little girl! We're currently in the adoption process as well, so we have no money. However, we can offer prayer. I've also added your blog to the "blogs we love" list on my blog. Hopefully some of my followers will be able to help. Praying she's home soon!

  2. We just received a purchase on our Etsy store where 50% of the proceeds got to families adopting, the buyer just specifies who at check out :) Please feel free to share our store with people. We donate the money to funds at the end of the month so you already have 7.50 coming your way from Ginger on a Mission :) She is a doll, and I know EVERY dollar counts!


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