Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School Girl #2

This is what a picture with my Andee looks like on her first day of preschool.  Bet this doesn't give you a hint into her personality in the least.

This girl should have her name included in the definition to the word spunk.  Or tool.

Okay, this is a little better...but who invited Jim Carrey? Haha.

Anyway, today was our littlest girl's first day of preschool.  I'm not sure how Andee got to be old enough to do anything on her own, let alone go to school.  Pretty sure I might be happy about another adult being involved in teaching this little spunk of a girl though.

How did all this girly happen to me?  I always wanted boys...but God has a sense of humor...

Busy at work and happy until the goodbye.  Yep, she pretty much lost it...there was much clinging, crying, and a bit of flailing happening just after this picture.  Good times.  I tell myself that's just because she'd rather be with me.  It makes me feel better...okay, not really.

And while the little spunky girl was away Charlee, K and I prepared a little treat to celebrate Andee's first day.

I think this is what approval of said treat looks like.

Little Andee Noelle, you really aren't all that little anymore.  But this mama couldn't be more proud of you and the sweet girl you've become.  You may not always like people to know that you're sweet, but it's in there...quite often just beneath the layer of spunk.  I love you, sweet girl.

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