Monday, August 26, 2013

A little voice, a big gift

We are pretty much blessed beyond belief that while Kate has grown up in an orphanage, she could quite possibly be under the best care possible outside of an actual family.

This morning we got to talk to our girl for the first time since she arrived home.

Crazy, right?

Again...we are blessed our Kate is in this orphanage where the director actually loves the kids.  That doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but unfortunately the reality is that this is unusual.

So, we called our beloved translator and then added the call to the orphanage and within minutes Kate was on the line with us.

I don't think shocked quite captures her reaction, but it's the closest word I can think to describe what I'm imagining she looked like on the other end of the line.

We said, "Hi Kate.  It's Mommy and Daddy."

And these were the first words out of her mouth once she stopped laughing at the idea that we were really calling her...

"I miss you guys so much."

My heart might have skipped a beat or two.  For her to say that without being prompted, asked, provoked...  Melt my heart.

We talked of a variety of things including the fact that she's already chewed all the gum we sent her home with.  In reality, this probably means she gave most of it away.  Our generous girl.

She talked of how she had to sleep during the day when she got home to get over the jet lag from traveling.

She laughed when I said, "Mommy, can you help me please?"  Her favorite and most spoken English phrase.  For whatever reason, she finds this question most humorous.

She informed us we should call at a time when "Charlee isn't headed off to school and Daddy doesn't have to go to work so we can talk for at least an hour."  Have I mentioned the girl loves to chat?  And then chat some more?

She was thrilled to hear Charlee and Andee's voices, too, telling her they love her and miss her so much.  A little girl so genuinely excited to talk to us.

Praising God for this little voice, this big gift.

If there was one thing I knew during the course of the conversation it was that she wasn't going to let us off the phone until she knew when to expect another phone call!

Did we really just talk with a 9 year old little girl living halfway around the world as if it were kind of not a big deal at all???  I may never be able to wrap my mind around how this is possible.


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  1. So glad you guys got to talk! And yes, she loves to chat!!! haha!!!


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