Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweet, thoughtful daughter

This morning I had the kind of stomach pain that was unbearable.  The kind that comes out of nowhere and takes you out.  The kind that makes you just want to curl up in a ball.  The kind that allows you to walk only if you are in a bent-in-half position, which has the added benefit of making your children laugh hysterically.

There I was laying in fetal position on the floor when Charlee disappears upstairs for "someping."  Moments later she comes downstairs carrying her Jesus Storybook Bible.  I'm thinking to myself, "Okay, I suppose the least I can do (or rather the most I can do) is read a Bible story right now.  But before I could ask her which story she wants to hear, I notice that she's already got the Bible open to a very specific page.

The story of Jairus' sick daughter.  Then she says, "I brought this down so you can remember that Jesus healed the sick girl.  He'll heal you too, Mommy.  See, her daddy ran to Jesus and asked him to heal her."

I wanted to say, "You are just precious," but I kept that thought to myself for fear that it might go to her head.

Instead I said, "This is a good reminder that we can run to Jesus with anything, isn't it?"

To which she responded, "Yeah, but Mommy you can't run and Jesus is up to Heaven."

Valid point, little girl. Valid point.

Monday, April 1, 2013

21,915 days

21,915 days...that's quite a lot of time. You might also call it 60 years.

As of today, that's how much living my mom has done.  And today we celebrated this special woman who I have the privilege of calling Mom.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful folks who helped make my mom's 60th birthday celebration a success.  Thank you all so very much...each and EVERY one of you!

It all began with a letter...

While she was out of town, I stole my mom's Christmas card list and added a few names to create my own list of recipients.  People from all the different ages and stages of my mom's life.  People who've known her since birth and others she's known only a few months.  And so, over 100 letters went out...

I asked each of these folks for one thing: a memory of my mom.  My goal was to acquire 60 memories of my mom from the people who are dearest to her.  I had NO idea what to expect.  To be quite honest, I didn't know if I'd have success at this little endeavor.  I prayed that my goal would be met and I was astounded by God's provision in the response from so, so many wonderful friends and family.  I received abundantly more than I asked for.

Each memory fit nicely inside it's very own envelope inside this box crafted for the woman who loves her red, her black, her polka dots and her flowers.

Sixty...or more appropriately, Sixty Plus!

And so, with birthday decor loaded and packed away behind and protected from the birthday girls' sight by tinted windows, we made our trek to San Diego for a weekend with the CA Brockhauses.

Adam, Charlee, Andee and I along with Andrew, Amy, Maria, Finley and Elijah eagerly awaited the arrival of my dad with the birthday girl.

 Happy Birthday, Grandma!
This wasn't exactly a surprise party, but it was a surprise...the kind that one who doesn't like surprises can tolerate.  The big surprise, though, was the contents of the box on the table awaiting her outside.

So, we invited her outside.

Note: As you can see, the theme of the celebration was black, red and white polka dots and yes, my mom clearly got the memo to dress accordingly!  I think that's an indication that we chose the appropriate color scheme!

We sat her down and asked her to open the box and read the instructions posted inside.

She didn't read all the memories in this sitting, but she did finish reading them all by the end of the night.  Quite the feat!

More of the evening's fun captured on film:

Finley and Elijah were actually part of the celebration, too, even though these pictures don't prove it!

Truly, truly a blessed time celebrating an amazing woman.  Thank you to each of you who made the time to make this a special celebration of my mom.  It means more to me than you'll ever know.  And a very special thank you to Bill and Mary who, with gracious hearts, opened there home to us yet again.  You two have blessed our family abundantly.
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