Saturday, July 14, 2012

A "Yes" Moment

It was nearly 7:00, time to get home, time for two little girls to head to bed.

That is, until Charlee and Grampa made a discovery.  The rain from earlier in the afternoon had created a slight bit of a lake at the side of the house.  As I rounded the corner to find out where Charlee and Grampa had wandered off to, I saw excitement.  The potential for joy written across her face.  And then the struggle began.

We really just need to get home. We've got church tomorrow.  It's getting late.  The earlier they go to bed, the more time I will have to myself tonight.

All right, all right. We'll stay and check out the water for 2 minutes.  It'll be okay.  It'll only set us back a few minutes and they just want to play with rocks and put water in the watering can.

Oh, wait, wait, wait...  I didn't say anything about walking in the rain water.  Oooh, and I didn't say anything about running through the puddle and getting drenched with dirty, stinky, fishy rain water.

Too.  Late.

This wasn't on my agenda, my to-do list, part of my plan for the evening.  Well, at least it'll only be Charlee running through the water.  I can handle one wet child.  Andee's not gonna go for getting wet in unsanitary water.

Or is she?

She's off. And running.

Yes.  A word I'm trying to get acquainted with.  A word that I'm noticing results in a lot more smiles on these precious girls' faces.  A word that allows for new experiences and memories created.  A word that causes this Mama to step outside her box sometimes.  Yes.  A word that I'm praying will be spoken more often in our home.  Because, quite honestly, I often don't have enough reason not to say it.

This was the result of a "yes" today...

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that Grampa graciously held onto Charlee's Hello Kitty purse the whole time to "preetect" it from the water.  Stunningly paired with a St. Louis Cardinals shirt.
Thank you, Grampa.


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