Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes, I will...

Yes, I will let her dress herself.

Yes, I will let her dress herself.

Yes, I will let her dress herself.

This is what I repeated to myself over and over again when Charlee proudly exited her room dressed like this yesterday morning.

Sadly, I didn't say anything to her about her outfit.  I didn't tell her I loved it.  I didn't tell her I was proud of her for picking out her clothes or thank her for getting herself dressed.

Instead, we sat down to eat breakfast and she said, "Mommy, do you like my outfit?  I picked it out myself."

My heart hurt when she said those words because I know exactly what it feels like when you want someone you love to notice you, to accept you, to tell you they are proud of you.  Of course, after she asked I did tell her those things.  I just wish I had said something before she asked.  It probably would have meant more to her.  Thankfully, however, I'm fairly confident that I will have many more opportunities to do so in the near future!

And a close up in case you didn't get the full effect from the first picture.
Even the way she walked around had "Mommy, aren't you proud of me?" written all over it.


  1. LOL!! I got a great laugh from her very together outfit...and how proud she is of it! :-) Love your spin on it...and encouragement for when Addysen comes out of her room with an outfit just like that!!

  2. She is SO pulling it off! ;o)


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