Monday, July 16, 2012

Gilbert Water Tower Fun

So many girls, so much water, so much fun.

Today's adventure: Gilbert Water Tower Park.  With my Sarah and all our favorite little girls.

Running free.

Happy campers with a little water, cups and buckets.

And some splashing to keep things cool.

So, the whole point of going to the Water Tower is the splash pad, right?

For some reason, Gracie seemed to be the only one who got that.

Let's not sit too close so as not to confuse anyone into thinking we're actually friends.

Spotted some cute toes. =)

And some pruney ones.  (This is a real word even though spell check doesn't like it.)

All this playing makes a girl hungry.

Who can be bothered with eating when there's all this fun to be had?

Sometimes big sisters do know best...Gracie's right, this is fun!

Sittin' pretty.  And happy.

Hey Charlee, I think we should do this again some time real soon!

5 bathing beauties.  Little ladies entrusted by God to us?  Why is Jesus so good?

Andee, Charlee, Reagan, Brooklyn and Gracie.  Love them all so much.

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