Saturday, July 14, 2012


Quite often when I go to get Charlee from naptime she has dressed herself in something other than what she went to sleep wearing.  And there is usually evidence strewn about her floor as well of several other outfits she must have worn during those short couple of hours in her room.  She is quite the little clothes changer and I can hardly keep up with her, although deep down she'd prefer to be a "naked jaybird" always.

Today Charlee was sporting a leotard when I opened the door. The logical next step, of course, was finding a leotard that Andee could wear also.  I've never seen Andee in a leotard.  For some reason, she doesn't strike me as the leotard type.  And after putting it on her, she still doesn't.

My two ballerinas.

I need a hug.


Sweet embrace.

Sister love.

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