Saturday, June 23, 2012


My little Andee is sick.  And when she's sick she's not happy...I mean, like, really not happy AT ALL!  So I was thinking about how having a sick child can be inconvenient.  If she's not being held and cuddled, she's crying which makes it difficult for a task-oriented mama to get anything done.  Life has to slow down...I like it.  I don't like that she's sick, but I like the reminder that sometimes being a mama just means that you are the arms that are there to hold your little one like no one else can.

All of this got me thinking that I am grateful.  I am grateful, first of all, that I am the one that gets to be home with my girls.  My arms are the ones that get to hold them.  I think of the babies and children in the orphanage in Russia where Andrew and Amy just were.  They don't know what it is to be held, to be loved. They don't know the touch of a mama or a daddy.  They don't even know what it is to cry for a mama or daddy because they've been robbed of that relationship.  So, in the middle of the night when I get to hold my baby because she hurts, I thank God for the inconvenience.  The inconvenience of a sweet moment at 1:00am to cuddle my little one in a way no one else can because I'm her mama and she will always be my baby girl.


  1. Oh I'm so excited to see all these posts! Love them! Can't believe how big your girls are getting! They are just beautiful! I loved this post...something the Lord is teaching me right now as well...trying to gain that different hearing your example of it really meant a lot. Thanks for sharing well as your insight in your other posts. And so excited you're back to the blogging world! :-)

  2. Thank you, Noelle! =) I sure hope I can keep up in the blogging world. Just have to remember that I'm doing this for my girls because I want the memories for them. Love knowing that God is teaching you the same thing right now. He's definitely in the business of refinement! =)


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