Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip Continued

And the festivities continued…

Check out these awesome kicks!  Can’t wait for Maria to come home.  She'll have all kinds of fun shoes for me to wear too, I’m sure.

Aunt Ashley thought I needed help brushing my teeth.  Hasn’t anyone told her I’m a boy and I can do it myself?
Thanks, Auntie Ashley...

Adventures at Alta Vista Gardens. 


Friends.  Well, perhaps not the two in the middle.  We were off to a good start yesterday, but apparently Andee had her fill.  Grrrrr…You're gettin' a little too close, Finley...

Are his feet touching mine?... okay, now you're TOUCHING me!

Seriously, Andee, I’m a nice guy...I promise.  Just give me a chance.IMG_1958

Ah, she’s gone.  At least Charlee and I can be friends.  She even shares her popcorn with me.IMG_1981

Popcorn friends...

A few more tickles for the road…Tickle, tickle, tickle!

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