Sunday, June 24, 2012


Thank you, Mom, for taking Charlee on Friday and treating her to a special day with you...just her.

Movies were watched, puzzles were put together...

...swimming was done...

...and pancakes were eaten. 

While Charlee was off having fun adventures with Gramma, Andee had Mama and Daddy all to herself and lots of time to rest and recover from being sick.

Play-doh cakes were made

(the tongue definitely helps in this process)

and many a book was read.

And then, the reunion!  Truly, there is nothing better than when the girls are reunited after being apart for a time.  Sweetness all around!  Charlee was so concerned about Andee and whether or not she was feeling better.  She just couldn't wait to get home to give Andee a special Minnie Mouse that she had chosen for her while with Gramma.

True love...

Time to play in bed because there's no better place to play...

Pretty girl

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