Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yes, that's Reeepunzel, not Rapunzel.  At least, according to Charlee that's how it's pronounced.

Miss Charlee, you are in love with Rapunzel ever since Gramma Brockhaus took you to see the play a month or so ago.  You love her hair!  In fact, that's probably the only thing you really care about when it comes down to it.  And so Gramma set out to make your dream of having long hair like Rapunzel a reality...

"Oh, Gramma, it's beautiful!"

Sure is a good thing you have a crafty Gramma!

And Andee?  Not so much...

"What in the world is this ridiculousness you're putting on my head?"

"Okay guys, you might find this funny and all, but is it really necessary?"

"That's enough of that.  Can't a girl just play with rocks uninterrupted?"

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