Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Cinderella

First off, just because you’re reading this blog post does not mean there will suddenly be a return to blogging on my part!  So please, just enjoy this while you can…ha! =)

Alright, now down to business…  May I just say that I believe Charlee has the best Daddy ever!  Tonight Adam took our little girl to a Sweetheart Dance.  I know, isn’t this just the sweetest thing ever?  He makes me proud!  This is the ultimate of Daddy Dates for little C.  She’s excited because she thinks she’s going to the ball like Cinderella and is convinced she will get to ride in a coach.  To add to the excitement, too, is the fact that she will get to have pizza for dinner at the “ball.”
I couldn’t help but be struck by how quickly she’s growing up as I was helping her get all pretty for her date.  I was, however, quickly reminded that she is, in fact, still just a three year old as she sat there picking her nose as I did her hair.  Lovely way to put things in perspective…ha!
Here are some pics from beforehand.  Charlee even smiled for me…perhaps it had something to do with being bribed with Skittles.  Yes, I stoop to low levels, but only when it’s really important!

At the ball…
Eating pizza…
Making a candy necklace…
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