Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Grampa Bert

Today my Grandpa arrived for a short visit.  I believe his primary motivation in wanting to come amidst this nasty heat was to meet his newest great granddaughter, Andee.  Why else would someone choose to visit Phoenix in all its summer nastiness???

Charlee warmed up to Grampa Bert immediately this time…how nice!  I believe the pink lizard he brought with him helped the warming up process…check out the action shot below!



So, back to the real reason Grandpa came to visit…IMG_7952

Andee even watched a little baseball for the first time…IMG_7984


Ever wondered how we came up with the name Andee?  Well, there was this amazing woman named Annette who I was privileged to have as my Grandma, who my mom was blessed to have as her mom and who my Grandpa called his wife.  That remarkable woman went to live with Jesus just over 11 years ago and from that time I knew that if I had a little girl I would want to name her Andee.  You see, everyone knew my Grandma as Ande and those that knew her were blessed and would testify to the amazing woman she was.  She lost her battle to lung cancer, but she left a legacy in our family and now my little girl gets to carry a part of her into this generation.  The story gets better though because my Grandpa brought with him a special pendant that I get to give to my Andee when she’s a bit older.  This is a pendant that he bought for his Ande when they were in Egypt together and it spells Ande in hieroglyphics.  I am so beyond grateful to have this little piece of my Grandma to carry on and share with my Andee.  Thank you, Grandpa, for such an amazing gift!



  1. Wow, I love reading how you chose Andee's name and how special your Grandma was. I love the pendant, what a special gift.

  2. The pendant is so special and beautiful!!! Andee is going to cherish it someday!


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