Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddy Date at Donald’s

For several months now, Adam has been taking Charlee on daddy dates most weeks.  Typically they go out on Saturday mornings and most often they go to McDonald’s (better known as Donald’s in our house).  Charlee’s face lights up when we talk about daddy dates and she informs me regularly throughout the week as she pushes her stroller through the house that she is going to get “hash browns” and “sbicuits” (more commonly known as “biscuits” to the majority of us).  She will say, “Be right back,” as she strolls through the house on her way to Donald’s.

It brings me such joy to know that Adam loves to spend time with Charlee, not because he feels that he should, but because he genuinely enjoys her company.  I love listening to Mark Driscoll and one of the things I’ve often heard him say is that “you (you being Daddy) should be the first man your daughter ever dates.”  I love knowing that at 2 years old Charlee is already “dating” her daddy.  My sincere prayer is that as she grows and becomes older she would hold her Daddy Dates as a standard to the way she deserves to be treated by any boy that comes into her life as the precious daughter of the Most High King that she is!

Here are Daddy and daughter headed out the door this morning to Donald’s.  Can you see the joy on this little girl’s face…and on her Daddy’s too for that matter? =)



  1. Oh, how cute! I love that Adam takes Charlee on "dates" -- that time Lynn and I ran into them at San Tan Mall, they both seemed so happy to be spending time together. He's such a good dad!

  2. He is a good Daddy- the best Daddies are the ones who invest themselves completely in their children's lives. I wholeheartedly agree that he should be the first one that she ever dates- and then sets a standard for those to come after him!


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