Monday, June 7, 2010

Monster Cookies

Since Charlee has been feeling like her world has been intruded on since the arrival of Andee, I have been seeking opportunities to show her that she’s a big girl and that she gets to do things that Andee can’t…opportunities for Charlee and Mommy time.

So, one of my attempts at making her feel special was to have her help me make Monster Cookies.  The recipe belongs to my dear friend CC and the only bummer was that she couldn’t be here to make them with us. =(  Oh boy, was this an adventure!  I knew she would love this as she would have her hands on “cake” of all kinds…M&Ms, Reeses Pieces and chocolate chips…not to mention getting to lick the beater when we were through mixing.  This little girl was in heaven and Mommy had so much fun, too!







  1. Welcome back to blogging. I am so glad you did because these pictures are the best. Charlee couldn't look happier than helping bake and taste!

  2. Ashley, she looks so big in these pictures! And, holy smokes, were you baking cookies all day long?! That looks like a lot of cookie dough :).

  3. I just love Charlee's big smiles. . .and yum-o!!! If you need to unload a few cookies, send them my way!


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