Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marley Farms

This morning we went to a fundraiser for the family of wife and mother who was killed in a car accident not long ago.  The fundraiser was at Marley Farms and boy did Charlee have a blast.  Her favorite part was that there animals to pet and to feed.  Now, I initially expected that she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with such things, but I was pleasantly surprised when she allowed the goats, horses, and llamas to eat from her hand.  Yes, she got dirty in the process and didn’t seem bothered a bit…not sure what got into her this morning!  She evened helped to show Taylor, who was a bit apprehensive how to feed the animals.  Yes, my timid 2 and a half year old was explaining to a near 4 year old how to accomplish this feat!

This is how you brush the animals…IMG_1169

Okay, Mom, I think I’ve got it under control…IMG_1171

Woah, wait up Mr. Llama!  I’m coming to brush you!IMG_1172

Mr. Llama!  Hey!  Stop!  I want to brush you!IMG_1173

You know, Mr. Llama, I was just trying to help!IMG_1176


I think we’ll try feeding the goats instead…maybe they’ll like me!IMG_1190


Let’s feed them together, Taylor…IMG_1234

Buddies…                                                                          IMG_1238

No fear!                                                                       IMG_1243


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  1. too cute. I love how she is running after the animals!


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