Friday, July 10, 2009

“Reading” with Duck

Okay, so it was more like just flipping pages, but still this was one of the cutest things C has ever done.  Lately she wants to sit in the big girl chairs at the kitchen table.  She still can’t get into them herself, but once I help her up you can tell she’s so proud…even though she barely clears the table.  We keep one of her Bibles on the table so yesterday she gets up into the chair and wanted “more” Bible.  Of course, Duck had to join her as well.  She sat there for a good five minutes (a LONG time for her!) just turning the pages.  My prayer is that one day (when she actually knows how to read) she will have the same desire for and excitement about reading God’s Word.
IMG_0978 IMG_0979


  1. I can just feel her excitement. And her finger on Ducks bill is sweet.

  2. Ahh, she is so sweet! I'm loving all Charlee's adventures with Duck!


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