Saturday, July 18, 2009



Something struck me this morning as Charlee and I were building one of her beautiful block towers.  This is the process of us constructing something as fabulous as the tower pictured below…as she continues to build upwards as high as she can, I am constantly adding to the base of her creation in an effort to keep it from falling over prematurely.  You see, she’s not interested in creating a foundation to provide adequate support for her high-rise buildings.  All she cares about is getting it to be as tall as she possibly can.

So what struck me was the fact that the only reason that her towers can get as tall as they do is because I am there to ensure she has a firm foundation.  My thought was how true this is of our lives in general, but specifically as it relates to being a parent.  If Adam and I don’t honor God in our role as parents by seeking to raise her by His Word and His Truth then she will not have a foundation to soar to new heights.  We have to constantly and actively seek ways to “build her up” in instruct her in Christ’s ways so that she will (by God’s grace) one day be able to stand firm in the strength that only her Savior can provide.

This is what happens if I don’t make sure we have a strong foundation:IMG_0991

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  1. Great analogy Ashley! I love when God teaches us through everyday happenings. Thanks for sharing!


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