Monday, June 15, 2009


Lately if you ask Charlee a question, her response is nearly always, "Yeah." I find this particularly hilarious given the fact that she definitely doesn't understand the questions to which she responds this way most of the time. Some of the questions that have elicited this response recently:

Mama (while "dancing" with absolutely no rhythm): "Do you think your Mama is strange?"
Charlee: "Yeah."

Daddy: "Can I spend the money in your savings account to buy a Wii?"
Charlee: "Yeah."

Mama: "Did you go potty in your pants?"
Charlee: "Yeah!" (This response will a little extra excitement in her voice.)

Mama: "Are you beautiful?"
Charlee (while checking herself out in the mirror): "Yeah!"

Mama: "Do you want Mama to go away?"
Charlee: Yeah

Essentially, anytime she hears a question and thinks it might be directed to her, she responds in this way. I think it's so funny because unfortunately, it's not necessarily a mark of obedience. So far, the word "no" has not entered her's only a matter of time! For now, though, I will enjoy the "yeah" stage! =)

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  1. I highly suggest enjoying the "yeah" time - because it does fade away!


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