Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a BLAST...

This week has been an X-Treme Blast! What does that mean, you ask? Well, I, Ashley Saunders, am helping out with EVBC's Vacation Bible School which happens to be called Blast X-Treme. Yes, I really am helping with this! Many of you who really know me know that I don't do the whole kid thing, the whole game thing, the whole song thing, the whole hand motion thing! That all changed this week! Oh my goodness, is this ever fun!

I am serving in the Imaginarium (aka The Craft Lab) which is quite an adventure. Monday we made glow-in-the-dark slime and yesterday we made aquariums with "grow fish." Today's adventure will be marshmallow cool is that?

So, aside from all the fun crafts we're making, I also get to go to the Chapel each morning and watch the skits and music put on by the staff. Seriously, I NEVER would have imagined this would be my life. Life as a mom, helping at a church program...with kids! Truly, the Lord is blessing me so much these days. He has used this little girl Charlee to bring me to an entirely new place in my life...a place where I just love kids and I have even come to love hand motions with songs. Oh, and one of the best parts of the program is that two of the songs they're using are from WorshipForKids...some personal friends of mine from back home!

Christ has done an amazing work in my heart, and I don't say this to be prideful or to brag in any way, but really this change did not come from within me. I still don't believe I'm actually enjoying hanging out with kids as much as I am.

So, Lord, thank you for bringing along little C who You have used to open my eyes to an entirely new world. A world in which I am so free! Free to enjoy your children in such fun, creative ways. And to see these little ones learning about You is the greatest blessing of all. Thank you for bringing Adam and me into parenthood and using C to encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and be so incredibly blessed! You rock!!!


  1. That is so super cool! How amazing how God works! I think you are an amazing Sunday School teacher to Carter & am so thankful for you faithfulness to serving the kids of EVBC! Thank you for taking GREAT care of our boy every week!

  2. I'm so thrilled you are having so much fun! I didn't realize you had ever not liked kids, songs with hand motions, and games! I'm so glad you have finally come around to some of the best things in this world! It was great seeing you yesterday!

  3. Thank you for your service to Children's Ministries, Ashley! You are an incredible asset! I'm so thankful we've converted you to "all things kids". :)


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