Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working the system...Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turned 60! Oh my gosh, I remember when that seemed SO old, but now that it's my own dad that's 60 somehow it doesn't seem so old anymore. Hmmm, guess that just means I'm getting old. Yikes!

So, most of you know that we are BIG fans of Joe's...Joe's Real BBQ, Joe's Farm Grill and Liberty Market. Well, because we frequent these places so often we have come to learn that one can enjoy a free meal on his birthday just for stopping by and presenting the appropriate identification. Being the big fans that we are and always seeking to take advantage of a great deal, we decided it would be kind of fun to make sure my dad got a free breakfast, a free lunch AND a free dinner on his birthday! Shhhh, don't tell Joe! Adam enjoyed breakfast with him at Liberty Market, I "treated" him to lunch at Joe's Real BBQ and then we all came together as a family to spend dinner together at Joe's Farm Grill. Call us crazy, but he loved it and so did we!


  1. sounds like a very yummy day!!!

  2. There's nothing like free food on your birthday! I hope a complimentary half-dozen Krispie Kremes were squeezed into the birthday fun!


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