Friday, May 1, 2009

Praying for Chuck

A man I cherish dearly. A man who knows and loves the Lord. A man who loves his wife. A man who loves his family. A man who has been stricken with and weakened because of a nasty cancer, but who continues to remain strong in the Lord.

This man is my father-in-law. I love this man. I hate knowing he's in pain. I hate knowing what this cancer is doing to his body. I hate that he is not free to enjoy life the way that we would like to right now.

Today, with so many emotions and thoughts stirring in my head and in my heart I rest only because I know that He is a mighty God...He is THE mighty God. I pray for Chuck daily...Adam and I pray for Chuck daily. We do not understand, but we continue to trust that the Lord has a great plan. We desire healing on this side of heaven. We don't know if that's what the Lord has planned. We will wait upon the Lord.

We love you Chuck!!!


  1. Wow, your father-in-law sounds like an amazing man. We are certainly praying for all of you!

  2. Your faith is pleasing to the Lord, Ashley. Hugs...


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