Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh dear...

Seriously Mom, do I really have to wear these shoes?
Don't you think these are way cuter?!?!


Dear God,
This is Charlee's Mama. I'm gonna need your help with this one. Please Lord, tell me you didn't give me a daughter who's all into dressing up and being girly! I don't think I can handle, I know I can't handle that. I don't do girly and you know that! At 19 months it's polka dot platforms...what's next? How can this be my daughter? See, this is why I always told you I only wanted boys! Please send guidance and wisdom to this Plain Jane mama!!!
The Mama


  1. Red polka dot platforms?! That's great!!!! I'm laughing aloud over here!

  2. Is it bad that I want shoes like your 19 month old :)? Too cute!

  3. I love the shoes!!!! Being red is even better.


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