Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Failed Blogger

Oh my goodness, I am a total failure as a blogger! So, it's been what, about 8 months since I last wrote?!?! Okay, so I've been reinspired to start blogging again after reading my dear sister-in-law's latest blog entry. I can't compete with her sense of humor, but I guess some of you still might be interested in hearing about what's going on in our little lives here in AZ.

So, since the last time I wrote (August 2008) we've experienced a few changes. Well, mostly Charlee has experienced the changes. Adam and I just get older and I'd rather not think about that! Here are a few significant changes in our little girl's life:
  • Charlee has gone from having just one tooth to having more than I can keep up with...about 8 with many more added practically daily!
  • She learned to 12 months
  • She learned to 16 months...yikes!
  • She has added a few words to her vocabulary: more (sounds like "muah"), "wassat?" (translation: "what's that?"...her word for just about everything that she wants to eat, wants to hold, wants to see, wants you to know more's pretty much all-purpose), ball, balloon (sounds like "baoon"), go (meaning she either wants up or down), bow (not surprising since there are hundreds of them in our house!), hi (this one is great because if the person to whom she's directing it doesn't respond she will repeat it over and over again until she gains the appropriate response!), bye (always accompanied by a karate chop sort of wave)
  • She has perfected the art of throwing a fit by crying while putting her head down on the ground between her legs. She'll do it on carpet, tile, in a parking lot, on the sidewalk, etc.)
  • She LOVES books...the same 3 OVER and OVER and OVER again! I am proud to say, however, that I have now memorized Oh the Thinks You Can Think.

Okay, enough for tonight...gotta ease back into this blogging thing. Please pray for my fingers to keep having the desire to type here! =) G'night!

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  1. YAy! YOu blogged! I am so excited to read! Plus, I love the new back ground--SO CUTE!

    Wow, I really want to see that great tantrum technique, sounds complicated!


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