Monday, April 20, 2009

An Angry Mama

I am very angry right now...and it's not righteous anger! What in the world is wrong with Charlee?!?! I am appalled by the fit she has chosen to throw and we are currently taking a break from one another. I can hardly see through the tears as I try to type this. How can one little tiny person at just 18 months old be SO strong willed and stubborn? We have wooden letters that spell the word "grace" that sit atop the kitchen cabinets and from where I'm sitting here at the kitchen table they are staring me in the face like they never have before. Grace. Isn't that the key to the Truth we know? Grace. Getting what you don't deserve. Now I am convicted. If Jesus, the God of the Universe, has bestowed SO much grace upon me, how can I not do the same for my little girl? Sometimes I'd rather not think about this so that I can continue to be mad at Charlee for being disobedient, but the truth is that it never takes long before I find myself desiring to be reconciled to her. She needs me and I know what is best for her (most of the time) so I can't just give up on her. Thank you, Lord, that it is only because you chose me to receive Your good grace that I can make the choice right now to do the same for Charlee. Now that I can see clearly again, I will go retrieve her from her room and ask her forgiveness. I love that little stinker!

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