Monday, March 23, 2009

Visiting Aunt Amy and Uncle Andrew

This weekend we loaded up the Jetta and drove out to San Diego to visit Aunt Amy and Uncle Andrew! We didn't arrive until about 1:00 am Friday morning, but knew our first destination the following day would be to Oscar's. Oh, beautiful Oscar's!!! Seriously, life would not be complete without their tasty breadsticks. So, this was actually my very first time sampling them but I was quickly made a huge fan! Oh, savory garlicy, greasy of my first true loves. Oh how we miss Oscar's! =( Num num!

Friday night Shane and Jen Fellows came over to hang with us! This was my first time meeting these wonderful folks, but I quickly discovered another love of mine in Shane. What a guy, I mean he didn't even know me, but didn't mind that I mooched many a french fry from him. Don't mind if I do again and again and again...num num!

Yet another love of mine: nakedness! Struttin' my hot little person self through the house:

True love again! We went to the new Trader Joe's down the street where this nice lady decided I looked like a good girl and gave me a balloon! Oh boy, I could hardly contain myself. Such cheap entertainment! It was great until it "died" the next sad.

We spent some time at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall before meeting up with Uncle Andrew, Aunt Amy, Auntie Sarah and her man, Richard. Just chillin' pushing the stroller around like a big girl.

Dad, you're hilarious! Seriously, you crack me up!

I had to have myself a serious moment to reflect upon the goodness of being on vacation.

Okay, enough seriousness...time for more silliness with Daddy!

And with Mama, too!

Dinner at Claim Jumper with the gang. Here's a picture of my beautiful Auntie Sarah and her beau, Richard. Love these two!

Don't we all look so cute together? Family is a true blessing!
Mama and rarely see pics of them together anymore...sometimes I think they think it's all about me when it comes to pictures.
Headed back to AZ. We had to make a pit stop in Yuma of all places where Mama and Daddy and I went to Target to hang for a bit. It was SUPER windy outside so we had to find a good place to get out and stretch our legs for a while...what better place than Target (that's what Mama said anyway!). So, while in Target Mama had an "ah ha" moment and decided it would be a great idea to buy me a little snacking cup that prevents spills so I could have "do it myself" snacking the rest of the way home. This was an oh so brilliant idea, don't you think? Lemme know if you still agree when you see the pics below...

So, still think the snacking cup was a good idea? I definitely think so, but they didn't design them with me in mind. I can manage to re-purpose anything! :)

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