Saturday, August 2, 2008

The joy of pizza...

Last night Charlee, for the first time, joined in a family tradition of ours. It's a tradition in this Saunders household to have Costco pizza nearly every Friday night. So, I had this brilliant idea that I would give Charlee my pizza crust last night to see what she'd do with it. I thought there could be no harm in giving her this piece of bread...surely it wouldn't make a mess. Yeah, that's where I had a temporary brain fart and forgot that a nine month old can (and will) make a disaster of just about anything! Needless to say, Charlee thoroughly enjoyed gnawing on this crust, but she was quickly changed into a clean pair of pajamas afterwards. =)

Sheer joy!


  1. Sooo cute! We had costco pizza last night too!

  2. haha, i love the first photo with such concentration on her face! Precious!

  3. You have a cutee on your hands!!!! I am so stoked that you have this blog and I can keep up on the happenings of your sweet family... You are an amazing Mommy! I hope you know that :) Love ya friend and hope to see you sometime soon :) Love, KAcy

  4. Hi there lovely... I am waiting for another post!!!!!! What's going on over there in Arizona???? I love ya and hope that things are going really great!


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