Saturday, July 5, 2008

People to meet, places to go, things to see...

Today was another relaxing day here in Ogallala…home of the good life! We had a lazy Saturday morning and then Mom made us go back down to “the store” (aka Humphreys) because we forgot to get pictures when we were there the other day. Mom’s kinda getting’ a little crazy wanting to take pictures everywhere we go, but she tells me that I’ll appreciate it one day when I’m older. So, we headed back down to the store to get some pics with Penny who works with Grandpa. Then, we had to get some pics outside in front of the store, too.




After we were finally done taking pictures here we were hungry and went to Taco John’s for lunch. This is one of Dad’s favorites, too. I got to meet Taco Jan and Taco Larry…some more nice folks. It’s so different here because it doesn’t matter where we go we always see someone that Dad or Grandma and Grandpa know. They must just be some really popular, well-liked people. It seems like everyone already knew that I was coming to town…apparently Grandma and Grandpa were pretty excited for my arrival and told everyone they knew! That’s okay with me though since, according to Mom, I’m a social butterfly. =)

Later in the day some folks named Roger and Judy stopped by to meet me, too. They brought me a special bath towel that Judy made especially for me. It’s so cool, especially since I’ve outgrown the one we have at home. I can’t wait to use it when we get back to Phoenix. After they left Mom, Dad and I left and went a few streets over to Darby and Erica’s house to visit with them. Darby and Erica are good friends of Dad’s…he’s known them a very long time. They have a little girl names Sadie who’s only about 4 months old…she’s quite the cute little girl, but she still sleeps a lot so I didn’t get to play with her this time.

I think that covers all the folks I got to meet today…goodness the list just keeps getting longer as the days go by! =)

Well, that's all for now...I'm exhausted!

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