Thursday, June 26, 2008

A first for me!

Today I experienced a first in my life. When I went to pick up Charlee from her day with Grandma Brockhaus, the two of them were swimming in the pool. After getting out of the pool and drying off, I was standing in the kitchen holding Charlee who was wearing simply a towel. I was encouraging her to drink some refreshingly chilled water from her sippy cup thinking it would help her cool off. Of course, in the process of making this happen, cold water spilled down her bare tummy as well as my leg. With 110 degree heat, that's not something that bothered me. Oh, but then our beautiful, "innocent" child allowed me to experience something I've never experienced before...nor was I ever intending to experience! Little Charlee Elyse peed on me! I'm standing there suddenly thinking to myself, "Um, that's not water! Grandma, I'm gonna need a change of clothes!"

All this to say just one simple thing...I've never been so humbled as I have been since becoming a mom. Here I am coming to pick up my daughter after spending my one day a week in the corporate world back where I worked before Charlee came along and I am welcomed home by a daughter who pees on me. Jobs in the corporate world do not involve spit-up, diaper rash, making bottles, etc. Though often quite stressful, they are somewhat more glamourous than being a mom. Being a mom is the most difficult job I have ever had (and ever intend to have!), yet it is by far the most rewarding position I've ever held and I wouldn't trade being peed on for the world. God has so blessed me and Adam by choosing us to be Charlee's mama and papa. Thank you Lord for humbling us over and over again as you open our eyes to the fact that we can control nothing in this life and that's okay! Thank you Charlee for allowing me the opportunity to work for you!!! =) Your mama and papa love you so very much!

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  1. I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!!!! So funny!!! I love reading your blog... keep it comin!!!
    Love ya friend...


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