Wednesday, June 18, 2008

8 Months Come and Gone...

Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! I can't believe I'm finally creating a blog...something I've been wanting to do for over 8 months now...better late than never I suppose! So, I thought today was the perfect day to make my first entry. Today our little girl is 8 months old! I seriously cannot believe that so much time has already passed so quickly. I never thought it would go that fast!

Parenting has been the most amazing experience in my life thus far! Adam and I have learned so much already and Lord-willing we have years ahead of us to learn so much more. Becoming a parent has opened my eyes to my selfishness, which does not mean I am no longer selfish, it just means I can see it so much better now! I have learned so much about God and the way He feels about His children...the fact that we are all so loved and cherished as His image bearers. What an amazing truth to think about...that He loves me beyond any possible amount of love I could have for Charlee. Honestly, this seems impossible because I can't imagine there being a greater amount of love than my love for Adam and for Charlee, but that's the reality of the God we serve.

Being one who was never really into babies or children, becoming a mama has transformed me entirely. Now, don't get me wrong, there are still some snotty noses and grubby paws that I don't feel the need to have near me...what's changed is that I truly do see the blessing that children are. I see it in every little baby and child. I find myself smiling at babies and talking to them when I see them in the store, admiring their beauty and the simplicity of their lives as they take things in for the very first time. By His grace, God has shown me that life is a beautiful thing and every moment is to be cherished. I still have my moments, but Charlee has slowed my life down and caused me to enjoy the simple moments. My favorite parts of the day are going in to her room in the morning and seeing the most amazing grin on that little girl's face and then at night the three of us praying together as a family before we lay her down to sleep. Those are the things I cherish now and it's all because of that little girl who is sometimes cranky, sometimes cries and sometimes frustrates me. It's the simple pleasures of being a mom though that outweigh the trying moments. What's amazing is that it's the tough times that grow me, too, as I realize that I must be dependent on God.

So, it is our prayer, as it has been all along, that Charlee would grow to be dependent on the Lord and come to love the Lord with all her heart, with all her mind and with all her strength...all the days of her life.

Thank, you, little Charlee, for the joy you bring your Mama and Papa...don't you ever stop smiling! =)

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  1. Dang she is a cutie! 8 months!!!! Unbelievable!!! I am so proud of you guys and so thankful for our little Charlie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was great to read!!! Love you guys!


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