Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Concert...Worth the price of admission

Last night we attended Andee's preschool holiday concert.

5 words.  Worth. The. Price. Of. Admission.

Every last penny we pay in tuition for her two day a week preschool education hardly seemed enough to get to witness her on stage.

Quite honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I mean, here is this 3 year old little girl with quite the stubborn, hard-headed, strong-willed streak (I can say this because she gets it from me and I'm her mama!) so let's just say my expectations weren't real high.

I took her back to the "dressing room" where all the kids gathered with their teachers while they awaited their cue to enter stage left.  This is where the tears began.  I expected them, they commenced, I gave Ms. Bridgett the you're-gonna-have-to-take-over-for-me-nod and exited the room to get back to my seat.

We all waited patiently: Daddy, Charlee, Grandma and Grandpa, even Grandpa Arnold all the way from Illinois and me.

She was to be in the first group on stage, the three year olds.

I was in shock to even see her little body standing on stage.  But to top it off, she wasn't crying and she didn't run off stage either.

The first song began and I didn't have the video feature of the camera ready because I really didn't expect to need it.  But then it happened...

She started grooving!  Like not just singing, but performing all the hand motions, stomping her feet at the appropriate time and singing...AND looking like she was enjoying herself!  Quick, start the video because we're gonna need proof that this really happened!

Our little performer is 4th from the left in the front row

It was just priceless watching her.  Sadly most of our video is not exactly "smooth" as I was laughing too hard to keep the camera still, but having proof still counts for something.

So the concert continued and at one point each child was given a jingle bell.  For some reason there was a delay to the beginning of the song in which said jingle bell was to be used.

That's when a little on-stage mischief began instigated by our very own 3 year old, of course.  Apparently boredom sets in when waiting longer than 2 seconds for a song to begin.  So, with cute little seemingly harmless jingle bell in hand, she reaches up and begins hitting the boy in front of her on the back of the head.  Perhaps she thought the "jingle" would be louder on a small child's head?  Actually, I'm fairly certain it was just because it was a boy.  Had it been a girl, she wouldn't have turned to violence in her boredom.  But boys, well, in her words they are usually "boddering me."

Eventually, the boy moved forward slightly after touching the back of his head, probably just to make sure his hairs were still neatly placed.  The little stinker.  And here I am watching and laughing as I realize I can't exactly jump on stage to make her stop.  It was a good laugh though.

It does also make me think that there's a real good chance that the boy in her class who she claims hits her daily, is probably doing so in self-defense.  But that's another story for a different day!

Once the concert was all said and done, Charlee and I went backstage to retrieve the little tyrant.  She was clearly proud of herself although was not about to admit that she had fun.

Daddy made the night extra special as he always does with a few goodies.

Her I'm-embarrassed-but-proud-but-don't-want-you-to-know-it face as Daddy hands her flowers complete with a pine cone, her favorite.

And a sweet treat because when you're young flowers just don't cut it.

And lip gloss because all that singing really dries out one's lips.

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  1. Hi Ashley, Just spent some time reading what God is doing in your families life. Thanks for recording His story. Blessed by it!!


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