Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Duck

Just over a week ago Charlee made a new friend. I think this is worth mentioning because this new friend is very important to her and you’ll notice that he finds his way into many of our pictures these days. Apparently, he loves Charlee very much because he allows her to carry him around by his neck nearly everywhere she goes. Thankfully, I have discovered that while his tag says he is only surface washable he has actually survived 2 baths already in the washing machine. A special thank you to Chris who introduced Charlee and Duck. Yes, Duck is his name…clever, I know. =) Occasionally, Charlee will leave Duck in a room to recover from the constant strangulation, but it’s never long before I hear, “Where Duck?” and “Duuuuuccccckkkk?” as she searches through the house to find him again.
I haven’t a clue what her fascination with this small creature is, but I am thankful for this…she does not carry him around in her mouth like a puppy dog as she does with Mr. Elephant (who, I might add, she has not seen for quite a while now!).
I’m sure this will not be the last time you see Duck in our many pictures. We are happy to welcome him into our family and know he will probably get captured in many more pics to come! =)


  1. Duck looks like a great new pal. No wonder she goes looking for "duuuuuck" when she's lost him.

  2. Super cute!!!!! Carter & Bear would love to have Charlee & Duck over for a playdate sometime!


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